Interfluency, navigating with precision and élan…

…between Spanish and English (in both directions), and across the cultures of the Americas and beyond. We deploy our linguistic and cultural skills to help you, your company or organization further your mission and convey your message just as effectively in Spanish as you would in English… and vice-versa. You’ve invested too much time, energy, faith, and resources into your profession or business to entrust the expression of that mission, and that message, to less-than-expert hands.  We offer superior professional Spanish and English translation, interpreting, editing, writing, marketing, and related services; and a wide range of interactive, informative, and inspiring programs of cultural education and training.


About Pablo Julián Davis
Pablo Julián Davis, PhD, ATA Certified Translator (Engl>Span) and Supreme Court of Tennessee Certified Interpreter (EnglSpan), offers world-class Spanish/English language services including translation, interpreting, copywriting, and editing in both languages. His specialties are legal, business, medical, and humanities/education; he has wide experience in other fields as well. Also offered: interactive and transformative cultural-awareness training for companies, non-profits, communities, government agencies, institutions of faith, and other audiences. (See just a small sampling of testimonials from happy and satisfied clients: The ability to move effectively from language to language - which necessarily also means moving between cultures - has likely never been at a greater premium than it is in today's world. That ability is what we mean by Interfluency TM.

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