About Interfluency™

Interfluency™ is about moving fluently, fluidly, engagingly, effectively, between languages and the cultures of the people who speak them. Translation, interpreting, copy editing, marketing, training, coaching: Interfluency™ can benefit them all dramatically!

One Response to About Interfluency™

  1. sinclair says:

    Brilliant in the understanding of the subtle and critical nuances [of language and its translation], the absence of which, can complicate and sabotage the intended communication and its desired outcome, the meticulous translator tasks himself here also with excluding himself from the discourse by making the translation convey the culturally appropriate language translation. The essays thus far posted elucidate the very tender and delicate task that confronts or, herein entices the translator with delightful couple of essays; the downside of which is the unwitting planting of a seed of apprehension in the no native speaker’s auto translation during conversation of his shared thoughts into the non-native language and in so doing, creating a reticence to speak for fear of misleading or worse the listener.

    Ah, it’ll make us better and more careful speakers in both languages.

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